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Snack Keto Salted Nuts

Snack Keto Salted Nuts

The low sugar* keto bar with salted nuts.
- Rich in protein and fibre
- 70% less sugar (compared to a regular bar*)
- 100% plant-based
- Contains 40% nuts
- Contains MCT oil
- Gluten-free


Bar of 35g

  • The modern snack revolution

    The new Protein Snack Keto, the highly innovative and functional protein bar, has arrived. With 70% less sugar* and 40% nuts, it’s the ideal snack between meals. Thanks to Enervit’s expertise in protein and diet nutrition, this bar has been exclusively formulated by Enervit to meet the needs of the modern ketogenic diet.
    Thanks to its top-quality ingredients, selected for their nutritional and organoleptic properties, the ketogenic Protein Snack Keto Salted Nuts bar is an explosion of flavour in every bite. It’s a smooth mix of salted peanuts, almonds, cachews to give you an extra kick.

    Protein Snack Keto: innovative and functional

    The Protein Snack bar is ideal for those looking for a keto bar. Thanks to the synergic action of its top-quality, plant-based ingredients and its low-sugar* formula, this bar is the innovative and functional snack that will support you between meals – your new ally for staying in shape.

    *compared to an ordinary bar. Source: Enervit elaboration on Nielsen Market track data - Modern distribution bar categories.

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