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Protein Bites Dark Choco

Protein Bites Dark Choco

The low-sugar high protein snack.
- New crunchy bite-size  
- 16g protein
- Low sugar (only 0,8g per pack)
- Gluten free
- Palm oil free
- Dark Choco flavour 


Minipack of 53g

  • The protein-rich, low sugar snack in a new bite-size.

    The snack you wanted, the fun-size you were never expecting.
    The Protein Deal Bites is the low-sugar, gluten-free snack, with high protein intake. It has 16g of protein to help you get the most out of your busy day and help your muscles grow.
    This fun snack hides a functional goal: an innovative formula that satisfies both your need for protein and your taste buds. Mission accomplished!
    The Protein Deal Bites Dark Choco mixes crunchy soy flakes to intense dark chocolate. What you get is 11 delicious protein bites, packed with precious nutrients.

    Why take it during the day

    Your muscles need protein* every day in order to grow, so in addition to a balanced diet you can consume The Protein Deal Bites Dark Choco: ideal at work, during a stroll at the park, or after a workout session.
    Thanks to their practical single-serving portions, they keep fresh and crunchy during the whole day. You can enjoy a few now and the others later. Out with friends? Share them, as long as you don't fight!