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Protein bar Crunchy Hazelnut

Protein bar Crunchy Hazelnut

The low sugar protein bar 
- 20g of protein
- Low sugar
- Crunchy
- Gluten free
- MIlk chocolate coating^
- Triple layer
- Milk Choco and Hazelnut flavour 


 Bar 55g

  • The extra-crunchy protein bar

    It has all the makings of a must-have snack for every time you leave the house. Want to know why? 20 g of protein within a crunchy low sugar bar, for you to get the ideal protein intake.
    The Protein Deal is the protein bar that removes guilt. Its low-sugar formula makes it the ideal alternative to conventional snacks, and its 20g of protein provide a protein boost during your busy day.
    The Protein Deal Crunchy Milk Choco and Hazelnut manages to combine two smooth chocolate layers and a double coating of milk chocolate^, which enrobe a layer of crunchy hazelnut nuggets. It's the crunchiest and most intense bar in the whole range.

    • 20g of protein 
    • Low sugar
    • Gluten and palm oil free

    Why take it during the day

    The Protein Deal bar satisfies your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty. It has all the essentials to give you a moment of indulgence, whether at work, in the park, or at the gym. 
    Double Milk Choco and Hazelnut contains high quality protein* to help your muscles grow, and is designed to provide valuable nutrients with the added benefit of being low sugar and delicious.

    *Protein contributes to maintaining muscle mass.
    ^Covered in dark chocolate with sweetener.